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5-8 Rogue room

Rogue Room

5th-8th Grade Classroom

The Rogue Room is a responsive, independently driven, dynamic learning environment. Students are encouraged to be diligent, to take pride in their successes, and to make thoughtful mistakes. In order to cultivate empowered learners, students in the Rogue Room work with content that is right at their learning edge. This is only possible because of Venn Academy’s small class sizes, emphasis on relationship, and personalized instruction. Rogue Room students get the structures, teacher support, and positive social feedback necessary to push themselves to the limit of their abilities.

As students grow in their capacities, opportunities for independence and responsibility are carefully built into their day. They are encouraged to take charge of their own learning goals, and to monitor their own progress. They are given opportunities to self-organize, and to self-govern. Students who leave the Rogue Room are not simply capable mathematicians, scientists, writers, artists, poets, or musicians; they are also introspective, mature, resilient, and resourceful. It is these qualities which give Rogue Room students a unique capacity to adapt.  And which allow them, not only to survive, but to persevere and thrive in a rapidly changing world.