Venn Academy PDX

K-4 Willamette room

Willamette Room

Willamette Room

Kindergarten-4th Grade Classroom

When you walk into the Willamette Room during morning choice, you might see an artist putting the finishing touches on a new sculpture, a mathematician discovering a long-sought solution to a challenging problem, or an author putting the final touches on her latest piece. In our lower classroom, we recognize that the learning language of the age is play. Children in the Willamette Room utilize the natural settings of Laurelhurst Park and the rich world of blocks to investigate, hypothesize, observe, test, build, create, problem-solve, and naturally cultivate their academic skills in the realm of their interests. These opportunities for emergent learning and social openings create ideal conditions for empowered learning.

Our afternoons are tailored towards focused and creative opportunities for students to pursue academic endeavors. Each student receives work that is at their level. Because of the strong relationship between student, educator, and family, built from 5 years in the classroom, educators structure opportunities for each student in the way they each learn best. In the Willamette Room, our students build strong foundations in literacy, mathematical reasoning, science, social studies, physical education, and art.